Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nokia researchers develop a phone controlling magnetic finger ring

Three researchers at Nokia have designed an amusing finger ring that can control your phone. The ring that looks like a piece of jewelery is completely made of magnet. On twisting it around, the ring will simply do the task of controlling a certain functions of your phone. The team of researchers has named the magnet ring as Nenya, which will be officially shown up at the Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems in Vancouver, Canada in May. The magic ring functions along with a Bluetooth capable bracelet that the user should wear. On twisting the ring around, the strong magnet will make some signals that will be absorbed by the bracelet banded on the hand of the user. The bracelet will transmit the signals to the phone via Bluetooth. Users can position the magnet ring about 45 degree increments meaning that it will sport eight menu options, which should be remembered by the user for comfortable usage of the dazzling ring. Nokia researchers have certainly pointed toward the risk of carrying a powerful magnet ring on finger.Needless to mention, it may attract metallic objects and spoil credit cards, hard drives or other electronics devices.The bracelet along with the finger ring looks quite unwieldy. Researchers say that there are working on to integrate the electronics inside the bracelet to some cute bangle, watch or another piece of jewelery for nice look.
The task of twisting the ring can be done by both the hands. However, doing it with the other hand will be the best option. Turning it with the same hand will be fairly difficult. The inventors of the technology however mentioned that they have plans to turn up a revamped ring with two thin magnet balls on the two ends to help the task of twisting with the same hand

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