Friday, December 25, 2009

Nice homes

A house's design is an art work, and if you really want to have something special, you need a little bit of courage and creativity. There are a lot of people in this world, who got bored of the classic way of designing houses, and they decided that they need something more than this. Here are some examples of cool houses and interesting design around the world!

Hundertwasser was a master of architecture, the unconventional style, and he constructed 50 apartments in this complex, in the 1982-1985 period. This is an unusual house, which doesn't fit in the usual cliches and norms of theoretical architecture. This house is the most popular attraction for tourists in Vienna, and it practically doesn't have any straight lines or surfaces. It is all completely asymmetrical, the corridors are tortuous and the corners are rounded.


The upside down model of houses became somehow popular, and if you think about weird houses, the first thought goes to upside down houses.The house in the image was created in Polland, in the village of Szymbark by Daniel Czapiewski, and it represents a profound statement about and against the Comunist era. The workers were disoriented by the angles of the walls, and this is why it took them 114 days to build this house.

Would you like to live in a toilet shaped house? I don't think it would be comfortable when the giant aliens will invade Earth! This house was built by a member of the World Toilet Association, and it features four deluxe toilets. It is dedicated to provide clean sanitation to the 2 billion people who are currently living without toilets. This house has a showcase bathroom in the middle, and all the toilets have each something interesting, from elegant fittings to latest devices in water conservation and filtration. Its name is Harwoojae, and it means in Korean "the place of sanctuary where one can solve another person's worries".

The following house fits almost everywhere on earth: forests, lakes, seas, mountains and meadows, but you can also place it in the middle of the main street. This house's design was inspired by highway billboards, it is very interesting, but the main disadvantage is that it is rather small. This "house" is only 27 square meters, and this means 290 square feet, and it is not actually intended to be a family residence. In the image you can see one located somewhere a little bit further than sea's shore, in the middle of the water. The interesting aspect is that in such locations you can access it only by boat.

Other two interesting houses are Bubble House and The Broken Column House, which both were built for "aristocrats". The Bubble House was built on Pierre Cardin's demand and it was designed and supervised by Antti Lovag and it was originally designed for an industrialist with whom Lovag started a friendship when they were working a previous house. This house wanted to be the proof of short-circuiting the classical architecture in the name of original, modern design. The Broken Column House has the shape of a ruined classical column. This house has been built by Francois Nicolas Henri Racine de Monville, who made it its residence in the years before the French Revolution. This is an interesting piece of art, and it somehow suggest the Fall of Bastille, though it was built before the event.

The Glass House is among the most beautiful homes in the world. It is symmetrical and it integrates quarter-inch thick walls made of glass which are supported by steel pillars painted in black. The interior is separated by walnut cabinets, and a brick cylinder in which the bathroom is located. The brick floors and the cylinder are purple, and quite interesting, when people come into this house, they just look around. It is now open to the public, and many people book it months in advance.

Another piece of art made of glass is this home, which is located in the Brentwood district of LA. This house was originally built in the '60s and it was designed by the architect RAy Kappe. Recently is has been restored by Michael LaFetra, and it has almost everything you could want. Five bedrooms, 3 baths, a rooftop deck and a very beautiful view. The wood architecture is barely visible, because the walls are made of glass. A huge pool seems to spill over the edge of the property terrain and over the valley below. The spaces inside are refined but rustic in the same time. This house has wood ceilings and glass walls, and they open to the outdoors through the modern terraces. You can own this house by paying a little fortune.


Our house is one of the important aspects which represents us, like all the things we own, and say something about us. Looking at the design you can say a lot of things about the person in front of you, or maybe about his vision on life. There are a lot of strange houses in this world, and they all came true because their owners wanted to be different from the common persons who surround them. Maybe they were all looking for attention, but they came with innovations, and with bright ideas, and the most important thing is that they turned their ideas into reality. The futuristic trend is gaining a lot of attention, and more and more people are moving towards simple and elegant houses, and the full complex baroque style is considered old and out of fashion since these new bright ideas appeared.

Nice Cell Phones

Goldvish "Le million" is the most expensive cell phone in the world, as Guiness Books of Records say. "Le million" has 120 carats worth of VVS-1 diamonds, and it was evaluated by the designer Emmanuel Gueit. If this mobile phone is out of your price range, they also have "common" models, at Geneva-based Goldvish, like diamond-encrusted 18k gold models, on rose, yellow or white, starting around $25,000.
Vertu has released Signature Cobra, which was designed by Boucheron, the French jeweler, and it appeared on the market in a very limited edition. This Cobra has one pear-cut diamond, 439 rubies, and two emerald eyes. Vertu takes care of all its customers and it released also the cheaper version, which costs around $115,000.



Black Diamond from Sony Ericsson is actually a normal mobile phone, which can't be easily categorized as special/different. Initially, only 5 pieces were available at the price of $300,000. This mobile phone has Quad-band with Wi-Fi, Windows Mobile 5, and a cool 2'' camera. It comes with the 128 MB internal memory, and you can use the 2 GB SD however you want for storing your files. The camera is quite pretty impressive and it has a 4 MP camera. Jaren Goh, the designer, used titane with polycarbonate as materials for building it, and precious gems like diamonds.


A standard Motorola has been transformed into a piece of art by Peter Aloisson, which studded it with 1,200 diamonds and a 18 carat gold keyboard. The result was a £28,000 handset, which is perfect for celebrities, like footballers and film stars!


If you have money and you don't know how to spend them, you can "invest" in one of these technology gadget jewelries and make your telecommunication device a very precious one.

electronic gadgets

Even if we hate the fact that is has become such a great part of our lives, technology is definitely something we could not live without. This is why companies are struggling to design and manufacture different gadgets that would make our life a lot easier.

For example, imagine you were out camping with your family because it such a beautiful weather outside and you felt the need to escape the big town for 2 days. You run out of cell phone battery and you are expecting a very important phone call. What is there to be done? Well, technology offers us a quite unexpected solution. The solar bag looks just like a regular bag except that besides storing your gadgets, it can also keep them charged with the use of solar power. Not only is it very practical but it is also environmentally friendly. The bag is so big; you could even fit a 15.4 inch laptop in there. On the exterior, the bag has some sort of small solar panels that produce 3 watts when it is placed under direct sunlight. The energy can be stored and used at night as well. For $250 you can have this bag which will come very in handy especially if you are a person who is always on the run but you are still in need of using of cell phone wherever you are.


When you are on a diet and you have to weight yourself at the end of the day, you have to admit you pray a lot before getting up on the scale. The wireless scale however is your friend in times of need. Besides showing your exact weight, it can also memorize some numbers from the past so you can determine exactly how much you lost or gained and in what periods of time. And you don't have to be near the scale to get access to all the numbers. You can connect it with... your iPhone. And we though we've seen it all! The iPhone will show you a graph with how much you gained or lost, just to motivate you enough to stop ordering a Big Mac. All the information will be sent to your phone automatically each time you step on the scale. Even if it costs $180, it will prove very useful for people who are in need of losing some weight or those who have health problems.

Have you ever found yourself in such a situation where you invited all your friends over for a barbecue and you couldn't stay with them by the pool because you always had to look after the meat? Well, here is the thermometer that will let you know exactly when the food is done. If you rarely make barbecues, then you will probably want to enjoy the delights of cooking and standing by it all day. In any other case, this gadget is a dream to all barbecue cooks out there. This is an actual thermometer that you put inside the meat and then you have another device, a small display that you carry around with you and it will start making noise when the meat is almost done. At that point you can go inside and grab some plates to put the meat on so you can serve the angry mob who has been sipping on those beers for over an hour. Then, the thermometer will tell you again when the meat is ready so you can pick it up. Both the thermometer and the display are water resistant so you can do your stuff without worrying that you are going to mess up the gadgets.

Now here is something you will wants to get for your kids (and maybe your wife too) for their birthday. This robot acts like a piggy bank except it has some other features you are really going to enjoy. This cool electronic gadget keeps track of how much money you put inside. You can set up some saving targets and this robot will encourage you to fulfill the goal. This small robot will let you take out some money but it will stop you if it thinks you are spending too much. This is ok considering your kids were going to buy candy and ice-cream with that money anyway. On its chest you can see a display that shows the date and time and it even has an alarm function, just like your average clock. If you are his friend and approach him in a friendly manner, he will greet you and move his arms. He acts just like you conscience, telling you to keep saving and not spend money foolishly. He will also let you know how much you still have to save to reach your goal. It's a very good idea for people who want to save small amount of money to buy a certain object because the robot will not let you take out too much money out of piggy bank.


Last but not least on our cool electronic gadgets list is a cooler. Not just any cooler, but a small one which will help you chill a drink really fast. It is just a matter of seconds until you beer is ice-cold. If we had a microwave oven, why can't we have the Cooper Chiller as well? It has a special compartment which you have to fill with ice and water and then put the can or bottle in. The machine will start spinning the can for about 60 seconds and there you go. It can also come in handy if you want to warm up some things like the baby's bottle. It is a very elegant gadget which you can put even in the living room and serve your guests with a nice and chilled bottle of wine. It has the shape of a toaster and for $60 you can also benefit from this really cool gadget. Now you don't have to fill up space in the fridge anymore and wait hours for the beers to cool off. In one minute you can cool cans of beers for all your friends.

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